Friday, October 28, 2011

Create Online Store Admin with Inventory Management by Ecommerce Techwave

Ecommerce Techwave features a complete storefront for those keen on effective ecommerce to get better product portfolio and good virtual standing through search engine optimization. The create online store feature enables and make accessible inventory backend to manage and add new products, add the categories into which products are included, and select product options. This feature also included vendor management and brand identity creation for the product in the brand tab provided in the 'create online store' backend for a respective e-store.

According to Andy Anand, CEO, Ecommerce.techwave, 'It is well and good with instant visibly through our ‘create online store’ feature offered at ecommerce.techwave having e-bay as one of its integrated feature for paid users. Ecommerce Techwave create online store feature creates a virtual product portfolio with the flexibility to manage inventory and in it, the advantage of selecting categories under which products are added and option for the user to select size and color are given therein with the product and display criteria settings. The 'create online store' therefore not only gives you e-store with a secure backend but administrative features and a separate vendor tab to add and search vendors.

Create online store in a minute at ecommerce.techwave is better known for its customized inventory management with Vendor list view, add, edit and search option and a separate section to add a brand to the products for its identity and adding brand name, logo and description to be specific and thereby assuring products available as genuine. On getting access to the admin section after creating store through 'create online store' in a minute, the website provides with search for categories and view details that form a part of the interactive features included in the create online store 'Manage Admin' section. Category list display and create online store category search based on Category ID, Parent ID, Category order, status and edit, delete option can be accessed with ease and a product feature with separate settings are available through the product attribute tab and images are uploaded through product image gallery option.

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