Friday, March 25, 2011

Ecommerce Solutions with Customer Features, Marketing Benefits and Integration through Ecommerce Techwave

Not just a professional shopping cart proving itself of having a distinct brand identity and the one with unlimited number of products, template driven for easy customization and bringing up a search engine friendly e-store, it is more about what Techwave Ecommerce has to offer for its most valued customer willing to make big money online. Techwave ecommerce, the company based at California proves fulfilling with up to the minute ecommerce solutions featuring advanced marketing and customer friendly features, quality software upgrades and ecommerce solutions integrating with SAP Addressing to Business Challenges and automating business through eBay integrated ecommerce solutions.

“Techwave best suits marketing needs keeping into account the optimization of the site to attain top ranking, to be searched first and foremost for customers to try out value added marketing ecommerce solutions. With it comes, Techwave e-commerce upgrade available to provide with greater reliability on each upgrade that is done on the shopping cart offered with 15-Day free trial option, Backend support and administration, import and export procedures and more on the ecommerce solutions offered. We thereby establish legitimate business enterprises ready to work it out in competitive business environments with all possible solutions for critical ecommerce needs.” As said by Andy Anand, CEO, ecommerce.techwave

The marketing Ecommerce solutions justifies to its very need and takes note of the search engine optimization with periodic reporting, Google featured ecommerce solutions with site map generator, checkout customized to user needs, affiliate earnings, coupon management, product listed with unique display, reviewing of products added online and SEO ecommerce solutions with keyword generation meta tags defined by user, optimized category and product index, viral marketing and so on. The customer friendly features are taken care of with customer registration and single page checkout, customer account login, customer update options and more interactive ecommerce solutions available. More on the upgrades with free domain transfer and quality upgrade of technical support, training and troubleshooting service and quick book integrated ecommerce solutions.

More is offered in the advanced integrations taking place with respect to online business integrated with SAP for Business Objects BI OnDemand for intuitive exploration, reporting, and sharing. Explore more at

Customization Made Easy- Ready Ecommerce Solutions

It would be an understatement to state that ecommerce solutions offered in most modern ecommerce system have less of the features that contribute towards best e-business coming to us. Ecommerce businesses are far luckier as they get the opportunity to customize in the most advantageous manner as most of the ecommerce solutions offer it that way.

Most of the ecommerce systems today have by and large succeeded in bringing customization at the click of the button with features favoring customers. The ecommerce solutions are offered with order tracking for the customers of the storefront created almost instantly with easy setup wizards. The status of customer order can now be retrieved by the admin of the e-store in business with details of each of the shipments with email notification of any order status change that takes place. Looking onto customer order history by logging in, complete RMA module is presented as one effective ecommerce solution in hand so that all the returns, exchanges can be managed efficiently with proper inventory/accounting integration and wish list that save ample amount of time when the customer is logged in the next time he/she visits the site for virtual shopping.
What next? There is return management policy with most of the ecommerce solutions available with the customer. Ecommerce solutions are introduced for the customer and to view, edit personal details with a member area to look for the order list placed or what is under process or shipped etc. Admin users get the privilege to get complete backend module to define the store created. Ready ecommerce solutions puts forth affiliate modules with commission report for more earnings coming to the collaborator who works it out to earn big.

The latest in most modern ecommerce solutions stand out to be the custom design feature with design enhancements coming up with large pool of templates. A potential storeowner can browse through and choose a template to better modify the look and skin of the store according to the product type meeting with current design trend and SEO. Highly Customizable and Ready-to-use design templates are a revolution today that can be simply achieved at the click of the button and simple steps to follow the wizard that designs the storefront for you. Instant publishing through the design ecommerce solution saves on the valuable time with a design gallery to browse for and work on the HTML integration of own designs. Custom ecommerce solutions with respect to changing the design of the store have logo graphic setting option, preview of the design templates is available and a simplified graphic upload making things quite interactive and user friendly. Get the CMS module for you store, customized text and page control for a latest enhanced version of the e-store created.

All this and more is ready available and it is just that, you need to get the right ecommerce solution working for you. Most of the readily accessible ecommerce solutions provide with 24 hour support for quality customization with sale representatives willing to contact you within 24 hours for a customized storefront and more ecommerce solutions with custom features.