Thursday, November 18, 2010

Offered Free Version Developers Free Shopping Cart with Admin Tools

Create Online Store, Free Shopping Cart, Online Store Builder Techwave Ecommerce brings in free version of the shopping cart software with the user- friendly admin section that in turn takes care of e-business necessities fulfilling every requirement of the customer in a more cost effective manner.

Ecommerce Techwave offers free shopping cart but with a difference. Known as the Developer’s Free Shopping Cart as offered by this Californian company, it is powered with customer friendly admin section with loads of advanced features meeting every e-business need. The admin section has the define and create users option with control settings through the backend to appear in front of the website created. The Administrative features of the Free Shopping Cart takes care of the Marketing, Design, Reporting, Inventory Control, Invoicing and order processing aspect and other user friendly add-on settings and customer review option to make sure whether customer satisfaction is fulfilled to its maxim. Ecommerce Techwave therefore offers the free version of the Ecommerce Shopping Cart software.

In a recent press meet, Mr. Andy Anand of Ecommerce Techwave talked about the Inventory management admin tool feature, he said, "Ecommerce Techwave unfolds Inventory Management which is one of the key features as part of the administrative tools introduced with the developer’s Free Shopping Cart that defines categories in the store created with add new or search existing feature, easy product upload option, view all, add new, search and edit option, more add-on products to upload with greater feasibility, user defined product attributes and product image gallery with batch upload of product images, export data option to an excel spreadsheet or CSV (comma delimited) text file, import data option in bulk from an Excel Spreadsheet or CSV (comma delimited) text file, vendor management, add new brand option, easy editor option and more to explore in this as you go online for a more profitable e-business with us with our Free Shopping Cart."

The developer’s free shopping cart admin tool design feature, enables the user to work with customized templates, free templates and put into use website logo setting in Text and Graphic and invoice setting, page control settings etc. Apart form these there are SEO features that comes under the marketing admin tool, order fulfillment tool with all essential features like tax and invoice setting , tax processing, view and process orders and back office sales, customer review option, reporting and add on features to set up store with multi store option with the developer’s Free Shopping Cart. In short, there is everything that plays an important role in effective e-commerce with the Free Shopping Cart that brings in more return on the investments made.

On a visit at users can download free version of Techwave Ecommerce Shopping Cart which will be e-mailed to them.

Create Online Store with the Advantage of EBay Integration

Ecommerce Techwave drives more traffic with eBay integration for online stores with unique characteristics to explore with the benefit of ‘Create Online Store’ software.

Free Shopping Cart, Online Store Builder

The 'Create Online Store' at gets eBay buyer protection offered with the unique product display and profitable auction of products for higher returns. eBay integration is possible after the store becomes functional by means of the ‘Create Online Store’ software, now available with the user friendly Shopping Cart Software. The site offers it for the paid storeowners who have utilized ecommerce ‘Create Online Store’ feature to create e-stores.

“What you get is a super specialty eBay store created by Pierre Omidyar in 1995 through the 'Create Online Store' with shopping cart software where all businesses, both small and big inter-mingle together. The Create Online Store and the shopping cart software integrates with eBay for unique product display with more to explore in the exclusive categories for Antiques, industrial products, lifestyle products, Music, sporting goods, collectibles and more. Ecommerce.techwave therefore achieves the feather in its cap and guarantees a profit oriented store through 'Create Online Store' software letting e-businesses spread across a worldwide arena to reach and touch new heights.” As said by Andy Anand, Vice President,

On any given day, the Create Online Store makes the user feel different and enable the store master, to build up the store with eBay integration that reaches global audience with all types of products available in a single storefront hence saving on the investment made and the time utilized. The admin section is accessible after the paid membership registration process for the Create Online Store is completed and clients create their e-store through the 'Create Online Store' software. The 'Create Online Store' Software can be now be used free of cost under 15 days trial period without eBay integration or by paying a nominal amount for the service provided with eBay integration. After using the ‘Create Online Store’ feature of, Storeowners can look into the unique eBay characteristics and high bidding of the products on display and put them into use.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Presents Create Online Store Feature with Integrated Ecommerce Solutions and Search Engine Optimization

E-business enthusiasts can browse online to put into use the create online store option available with more integrated customized ecommerce solutions including the SEO features and easily manageable Inventory solutions.

Ecommerce Techwave, the one known for high performance e-commerce solution, introduces full advantage integrated solutions and search engine optimization feature with free shopping cart available with the store created in less that a minute and functional in few minutes. The create online store feature of this Californian company owned website, enable users to put into use self defined title, Meta tags and Meta Description for the Product & Categories and also use integrated Inventory solutions and benefit out of the Customized Shopping cart Integration, Order Manager Integration, Payment Gateway Integration, Shipping Integration and Integrated Helpdesk Services. The SEO feature is something new that is creating quite a steer making e-business known to the virtual world with simple generation procedure and customization options available.

"It’s true to it’s very self that Techwave Ecommerce has customized ecommerce solutions integrated with create online store feature. The online shopping cart is readily available for your e-store integrated with advanced SEO features for full online exposure and higher returns. The Search engine optimization feature that you get along with create online store option has the unique Robots.txt file upload feature to control the navigation of search engine crawlers and more to add onto for full search engine optimization with tips available to make it even more better as you get to use the create online store feature." Says, Andy Anand, Vice President, Ecommerce Techwave.

As is claimed by the optimizers at, "With the SEO Friendly feature offered along with the create online store, it turns all of the store categories and product pages into ".htm" files keeping them 100% dynamic and therefore mitigating the possibility of re-generating static html pages. The pages remain up-to-date and the ".htm" static pages with no querystring and no question mark hence making it easy for search engines to crawl."

The integrated inventory solutions are met just as the 'create online store' feature is opted for. The inventory solutions of the create online store is inclusive of the category display to add new categories and search existing ones, to add new products, set attributes and edit the product display chart with the retail and wholesale price including the bestseller and new arrival product column to customize accordingly.

The integrated solutions including the inventory solutions and the SEO tools are built into the software with users making it sure to utilize them to their full advantage with the ROI Tracker built into the online store builder to track advertising & marketing efforts.

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Ecommerce Techwave Offers Create Online Store Customer Module with SEO Benefits

Ecommerce Techwave automates business with its reliable and user friendly Create Online Store with Shopping Cart Software. The ‘Create Online Store’ software comprises of the easy setup wizard, customer module and SEO feature.

Ecommerce Techwave, the ecommerce venture with the Shopping Cart Software and the ‘Create Online Store’ feature incorporates the customer module to take better advantage of the store created. Storeowners can take into account customer information in a better-articulated manner with the edit, add and view all option to check and know more about the customers of the user’s store built through the ‘Create Online Store’ and can actively take part in search engine optimization procedures for a more search engine friendly e-store. Along with it, store masters can now put into use the multifunctional Shopping Cart Software.

“Our team for expert minds has the experience that shows, as business gets automated for you with Create Online Store and Shopping Cart Software.” Said, Andy Anand, Vice President, He further adds to it, “In automating business, Ecommerce most important elements are taken into consideration. One important attribute of the ‘Create Online Store’ with Shopping Cart Software is to manage customer details for future references and to keep note of the orders that are already shipped for them and those remaining. This in a way leads to more reliability of services through the ‘Create Online Store’ and accuracy leading to ultimate customer satisfaction. SEO marketing and promotion is one of the chief feature as presented by the ‘Create Online Store’ of Ecommerce.techwave with characteristics like setting default Title tags, Meta tags and Meta Description in different forms. Since the newly created website along with the Shopping Cart Software, get optimized it becomes search engine friendly and eventually has a good standing in the Google page rank. The Create Online Store with Shopping Cart Software will optimize the keywords on your site with unique product display.”

Valuable Reference is a prerequisite for modern e-commerce to get going more fruitfully with its ‘Create Online Store’ feature with Shopping Cart Software. The Create Online Store with Shopping Cart Software is readily available at ecommerce.techwave with advanced Website Hosting Product, Sales management, Inventory Management, Store Design & Configuration with easy-to-use site setup. More is included in the Shopping Cart Software and ‘Create Online Store’ design wizards, extended pre-designed themes, color templates, Shopping Cart Software and above all SEO Friendly Static HTML Pages as provided in the ‘Create Online Store’ with 100% dynamic product and category pages and the robots.txt file upload functionality.

More insights on Create Online Store software and the Shopping Cart Software accessible at and store creation at

Customized Storefronts Through Create Online Store

Customization of online stores is the talk out there, to get the freedom to customize as per change in usability and change in the ongoing and ever-growing demand. Considering this, e-commerce giants are making it custom made and that goes for the ‘create online store’ feature as well.

Do you have a storefront that limits you to its features on display and does not, in any way allow you to customize and a store, which is not available with integrated solutions that make you different from the rest? If you answer to the affirmative, then that store is of no use if it simply cannot meet up to your expectations. What you need is a drastic change and a switch over from a standard storefront into a Customized one.

There are online ventures that can give you the service you need and can cater with their very own ‘create online store’ software with its easy set up wizard to get things done in a matter of few seconds. Such type of software offers full-customized options to work with in different arenas. Be it, order management, back office sales, inventory management, product management and setting criteria as to what to show and what not to show, eBay integration,  marketing options, Customer, Design, CMS, Page text and control setting and other advance setting option, every bit of the information added must be changeable and searchable on the set criteria.

The first and the foremost is to get the store ready in less time than imagined as e-businesses cannot waste time on the setup itself. It needs less time and therefore the ‘create online store’ feature should be pertaining to such a need. The easy set up wizard therefore should be one of the pre-requisites of the ‘create online store’ feature to just preview and set up the store for you and later on customize it as per requirement with the feasibility of changing it further as per growing demand of the products and services. The next most important field to pay attention and a must for the ‘create online store’ is the CMS module, to manage the web pages and its content with the edit, add and search option.

Custom web development via create online store needs prior planning and an overall strategic approach to the development process and must actively participate in the optimization process.  The ‘create online store’ software must have the SEO friendly feature for the users to put them into use and customize it accordingly. As part of the create online store feature users should be able to make changes in the Meta title, Meta description and keywords and optimize the products and services, hire optimizers if possible and be able to upload Robots.txt to control the navigation of search engine crawlers. Additionally, create online store must have Google feed feature with the added advantage of customizing it. Similarly, users should get the feasibility of adding newsletters of writing, editing and publishing it online and e-mail campaign feature activated for good.

The integrated inventory solutions is the next in line for the create online store to have one for category display to add new categories and search existing ones, to add new products, set attributes and edit the product display chart with the retail and wholesale price including the bestseller and new arrival product column customized accordingly. Adding more to it is the advance product setting to add search criteria and enable wish list, customer review, discounted price, actual price, sale price, and e-mail to friend features for utmost user satisfaction.

The online store must therefore, take care of the growing users demand, give them the freedom of customization and in turn help create a complete online shopping solution including a fully customizable shopping cart system, secure certificate, and real-time order processing for a profit-focused online store.

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