Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ecommerce Solutions of Today - You can ask for more

Ecommerce solutions available with most leading providers is not just creating an online store with a product portfolio given to it, or having a shopping cart software, there is more expected with most modern systems and ecommerce solutions available and accessible at no cost. New age shopping carts are emerging now a days, that can help integrate with loads of other functionalities and ecommerce solutions available looking into various aspects playing a major role in profit generation.

A friend of mine wanted it the way most modern systems claim to have it in them offering more than just a shopping cart or limited ecommerce solutions and a store builder wizard or templates to change the look and feel. Templates renamed as custom templates have highly customizable features and a real interactive experience with built in WYSIWYG HTML editor with just a handful of codes to insert and you are ready to go with the changed version of your e-store and shopping cart provided.

Ecommerce solutions also have custom CMS control, page text setting, adding own page, website logo setting in text and graphic presentations and more to follow in it. Modern ecommerce solutions involve invoice logo setting with the dimension given for the graphic display of the same. In addition, users can get to work with customized text on webpage of the new online e-store created.

The ecommerce administration of the create online store integrating with ecommerce solutions must stand at par as it is the most important area that is remarkable with features that are very beneficial for e-businessmen. Ecommerce solutions must have integrated features and Admin user registration to add, edit and search criteria option.

Ecommerce solutions with the design element in it is one thing many ecommerce systems are competing and designing is not limited to just applying a theme or adding graphic or image to a page and integrating with a shopping cart ecommerce solutions. There is more expected and ecommerce solutions now come with Logo designing representing the company and adds to the distinct recognition of the company and involving much of a professional design given to the logo made by professionals. Ecommerce solutions are now offering large pool of template designs, Home page design being the very core of webpage designing, button designing and page heading designs. Highly professional services for graphic designing and flash animation are offered for a more interactive experience when browsing e-stores.

Next is to look into SEO for the e-store, a very important aspect and a mere folly in it can make things bad for the webmaster. For a website rich with features but unfortunately not known by many and not land up in search results is nothing more than a waste of genius work and hardly any visitor to the website. Therefore, search engine optimization for the stores created is necessary today. Professional help must be there as optimization includes traffic trend analysis, keyword generation based on that and Meta tags and description for the website and periodic notification and reporting of important modifications. More involved in today’s ecommerce solutions offered and regarded integral in optimization of a website, is E-mail marketing and the viral marketing strategies implemented and featured with advanced newsletter services with experts working it out with a comprehensive search for an e-store.

You can therefore be rest assured of getting more and accessing various applications that can add a feather to the ecommerce solutions already running for you, for your business to succeed and bring good business and ecommerce solutions to you.

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EcommerceTechwave Offers Web Hosting Ecommerce Solutions and e-Bay Store Design Integration

Ecommerce.techwave, the ecommerce solution enterprise comes up with premium web hosting technology and E-bay with its design features that will matter a lot to set up profitable e-businesses. With customized ecommerce solutions revolving around e-businesses, Ecommerce.techwave now introduces a fully customized web hosting ecommerce solutions with full system redundancy with less possibility of fatal failures, flawless network to work in, and high level of security provided making software systems less vulnerable. Multi level data redundancy to mitigate loss of information from its grass-root level leading to higher levels of security, PCI certification, CISF approved network and system monitoring and guaranteed hardware systems, all form a part of the integral web hosting ecommerce solutions at ecommerce.techwave.

Ecommerce.techwave, CEO, Andy Anand, gives us more insights on the value added services introduced, “It is getting more and more beneficial at ecommerce.techwave as e-bay integrates with ecommerce.techwave. It is the source to advantageous business, which will make businesses popular with multi-international company collaborations with leaders in IT software and ecommerce solutions. The e-bay integration comes with the design package customizing personal e-bay customer pages associating the branding of products displayed with that of the ecommerce website created or for the existing businesses collaborating with us. You will surely get into profitable e-business, customized for you at”

Ecommerce.techwave is prompt in installing software or going by the subscription made for web hosting ecommerce solutions with the specified features. With data centers, available, live updates are carried out periodically, included in the web hosting ecommerce solutions plan with email hosting ecommerce solutions, webmail, POP, & IMAP Email Access and hacker safe security and disaster management for data, e-mails, and payments ecommerce solutions at no added cost.

The e-bay now comes with design services offered, compatible to the e-bay store design with an altogether professional approach to ecommerce solutions implemented. There is more with specialty sites accessible and categories to browse with everything available at one go. The shopping cart software that is there with ecommerce solutions also integrates with e-bay to gain access to e-bay store through ecommerce.techwave e-stores and e-bay elements integrated, providing flexibility to view watching, bidding and selling items.

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