Friday, October 28, 2011

Create Online Store Admin with Inventory Management by Ecommerce Techwave

Ecommerce Techwave features a complete storefront for those keen on effective ecommerce to get better product portfolio and good virtual standing through search engine optimization. The create online store feature enables and make accessible inventory backend to manage and add new products, add the categories into which products are included, and select product options. This feature also included vendor management and brand identity creation for the product in the brand tab provided in the 'create online store' backend for a respective e-store.

According to Andy Anand, CEO, Ecommerce.techwave, 'It is well and good with instant visibly through our ‘create online store’ feature offered at ecommerce.techwave having e-bay as one of its integrated feature for paid users. Ecommerce Techwave create online store feature creates a virtual product portfolio with the flexibility to manage inventory and in it, the advantage of selecting categories under which products are added and option for the user to select size and color are given therein with the product and display criteria settings. The 'create online store' therefore not only gives you e-store with a secure backend but administrative features and a separate vendor tab to add and search vendors.

Create online store in a minute at ecommerce.techwave is better known for its customized inventory management with Vendor list view, add, edit and search option and a separate section to add a brand to the products for its identity and adding brand name, logo and description to be specific and thereby assuring products available as genuine. On getting access to the admin section after creating store through 'create online store' in a minute, the website provides with search for categories and view details that form a part of the interactive features included in the create online store 'Manage Admin' section. Category list display and create online store category search based on Category ID, Parent ID, Category order, status and edit, delete option can be accessed with ease and a product feature with separate settings are available through the product attribute tab and images are uploaded through product image gallery option.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Free Shopping Cart with Add - on Services at Ecommerce.Techwave

Ecommerce.techwave, the ecommerce solution available for flourishing e-businesses brings in more viable and profit oriented free shopping cart stuffed with advanced and customized features and is multi-lingual, robust and fully tested with over 1,200 users. The free shopping cart comes with free upgrade option and an installation procedure that is simple installing, with the help of script or manually. Better known as the developer free shopping cart, ecommerce.techwave introduces a great list of abundant features with check out feature having wide range of offline and online credit card processors.
"Techwave Ecommerce has gone a long way in bringing qualified technical team to meet with all technicalities involved to meet the growing need to build, update and maintain an online store. From providing with static HTML pages to search engine friendly features, the free shopping cart goes user-friendly and integrable with Microsoft CRM, Sugar CRM, e-bay, Crystal Report and Salesforce CRM technology for organized business and sharing procedure. We insure best of our services with our free shopping cart coming to you with more added advantages." As said by Vice President Andy Anand.
The free shopping with a secure checkout process features a lot more than imagined as announced by the admin at ecommerce.techwave. The team of technical caliber for development has been working on them and has added checkout and special security features that are there as add-on services offered with the free shopping cart. The free shopping cart checkout process brings in a wide range of possible shipping methods available and support for calculating discounts. Special security features as add-ons are featured with security letters on check out page ,built in hack attempt logging, IP blocking feature built in the free shopping cart and credit card number format validation. The free shopping cart is further expandable and is available for free trail accessible at

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

EcommerceTechwave Offers Web Hosting Ecommerce Solutions and e-Bay Store Design Integration

Ecommerce.techwave is prompt in installing software or going by the subscription made for web hosting ecommerce solutions with the specified features. With data centers, available, live updates are carried out periodically, included in the web hosting ecommerce solutions plan with email hosting ecommerce solutions, webmail, POP, & IMAP Email Access and hacker safe security and disaster management for data, e-mails, and payments ecommerce solutions at no added cost.

The e-bay now comes with design services offered, compatible to the e-bay store design with an altogether professional approach to ecommerce solutions implemented. There is more with specialty sites accessible and categories to browse with everything available at one go. The shopping cart software that is there with ecommerce solutions also integrates with e-bay to gain access to e-bay store through ecommerce.techwave e-stores and e-bay elements integrated, providing flexibility to view watching, bidding and selling items.

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Cadillac of all the free shopping cart software and ecommerce solutions hosted is a phone call away at 909-634-3900.