Friday, October 28, 2011

Create Online Store Admin with Inventory Management by Ecommerce Techwave

Ecommerce Techwave features a complete storefront for those keen on effective ecommerce to get better product portfolio and good virtual standing through search engine optimization. The create online store feature enables and make accessible inventory backend to manage and add new products, add the categories into which products are included, and select product options. This feature also included vendor management and brand identity creation for the product in the brand tab provided in the 'create online store' backend for a respective e-store.

According to Andy Anand, CEO, Ecommerce.techwave, 'It is well and good with instant visibly through our ‘create online store’ feature offered at ecommerce.techwave having e-bay as one of its integrated feature for paid users. Ecommerce Techwave create online store feature creates a virtual product portfolio with the flexibility to manage inventory and in it, the advantage of selecting categories under which products are added and option for the user to select size and color are given therein with the product and display criteria settings. The 'create online store' therefore not only gives you e-store with a secure backend but administrative features and a separate vendor tab to add and search vendors.

Create online store in a minute at ecommerce.techwave is better known for its customized inventory management with Vendor list view, add, edit and search option and a separate section to add a brand to the products for its identity and adding brand name, logo and description to be specific and thereby assuring products available as genuine. On getting access to the admin section after creating store through 'create online store' in a minute, the website provides with search for categories and view details that form a part of the interactive features included in the create online store 'Manage Admin' section. Category list display and create online store category search based on Category ID, Parent ID, Category order, status and edit, delete option can be accessed with ease and a product feature with separate settings are available through the product attribute tab and images are uploaded through product image gallery option.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Free Shopping Cart with Add - on Services at Ecommerce.Techwave

Ecommerce.techwave, the ecommerce solution available for flourishing e-businesses brings in more viable and profit oriented free shopping cart stuffed with advanced and customized features and is multi-lingual, robust and fully tested with over 1,200 users. The free shopping cart comes with free upgrade option and an installation procedure that is simple installing, with the help of script or manually. Better known as the developer free shopping cart, ecommerce.techwave introduces a great list of abundant features with check out feature having wide range of offline and online credit card processors.
"Techwave Ecommerce has gone a long way in bringing qualified technical team to meet with all technicalities involved to meet the growing need to build, update and maintain an online store. From providing with static HTML pages to search engine friendly features, the free shopping cart goes user-friendly and integrable with Microsoft CRM, Sugar CRM, e-bay, Crystal Report and Salesforce CRM technology for organized business and sharing procedure. We insure best of our services with our free shopping cart coming to you with more added advantages." As said by Vice President Andy Anand.
The free shopping with a secure checkout process features a lot more than imagined as announced by the admin at ecommerce.techwave. The team of technical caliber for development has been working on them and has added checkout and special security features that are there as add-on services offered with the free shopping cart. The free shopping cart checkout process brings in a wide range of possible shipping methods available and support for calculating discounts. Special security features as add-ons are featured with security letters on check out page ,built in hack attempt logging, IP blocking feature built in the free shopping cart and credit card number format validation. The free shopping cart is further expandable and is available for free trail accessible at

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

EcommerceTechwave Offers Web Hosting Ecommerce Solutions and e-Bay Store Design Integration

Ecommerce.techwave is prompt in installing software or going by the subscription made for web hosting ecommerce solutions with the specified features. With data centers, available, live updates are carried out periodically, included in the web hosting ecommerce solutions plan with email hosting ecommerce solutions, webmail, POP, & IMAP Email Access and hacker safe security and disaster management for data, e-mails, and payments ecommerce solutions at no added cost.

The e-bay now comes with design services offered, compatible to the e-bay store design with an altogether professional approach to ecommerce solutions implemented. There is more with specialty sites accessible and categories to browse with everything available at one go. The shopping cart software that is there with ecommerce solutions also integrates with e-bay to gain access to e-bay store through ecommerce.techwave e-stores and e-bay elements integrated, providing flexibility to view watching, bidding and selling items.

Website builder shopping cart, real-time dashboards and 24/7 premium hosting readily available at

Cadillac of all the free shopping cart software and ecommerce solutions hosted is a phone call away at 909-634-3900.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ecommerce Solutions of Today - You can ask for more

Ecommerce solutions available with most leading providers is not just creating an online store with a product portfolio given to it, or having a shopping cart software, there is more expected with most modern systems and ecommerce solutions available and accessible at no cost. New age shopping carts are emerging now a days, that can help integrate with loads of other functionalities and ecommerce solutions available looking into various aspects playing a major role in profit generation.

A friend of mine wanted it the way most modern systems claim to have it in them offering more than just a shopping cart or limited ecommerce solutions and a store builder wizard or templates to change the look and feel. Templates renamed as custom templates have highly customizable features and a real interactive experience with built in WYSIWYG HTML editor with just a handful of codes to insert and you are ready to go with the changed version of your e-store and shopping cart provided.

Ecommerce solutions also have custom CMS control, page text setting, adding own page, website logo setting in text and graphic presentations and more to follow in it. Modern ecommerce solutions involve invoice logo setting with the dimension given for the graphic display of the same. In addition, users can get to work with customized text on webpage of the new online e-store created.

The ecommerce administration of the create online store integrating with ecommerce solutions must stand at par as it is the most important area that is remarkable with features that are very beneficial for e-businessmen. Ecommerce solutions must have integrated features and Admin user registration to add, edit and search criteria option.

Ecommerce solutions with the design element in it is one thing many ecommerce systems are competing and designing is not limited to just applying a theme or adding graphic or image to a page and integrating with a shopping cart ecommerce solutions. There is more expected and ecommerce solutions now come with Logo designing representing the company and adds to the distinct recognition of the company and involving much of a professional design given to the logo made by professionals. Ecommerce solutions are now offering large pool of template designs, Home page design being the very core of webpage designing, button designing and page heading designs. Highly professional services for graphic designing and flash animation are offered for a more interactive experience when browsing e-stores.

Next is to look into SEO for the e-store, a very important aspect and a mere folly in it can make things bad for the webmaster. For a website rich with features but unfortunately not known by many and not land up in search results is nothing more than a waste of genius work and hardly any visitor to the website. Therefore, search engine optimization for the stores created is necessary today. Professional help must be there as optimization includes traffic trend analysis, keyword generation based on that and Meta tags and description for the website and periodic notification and reporting of important modifications. More involved in today’s ecommerce solutions offered and regarded integral in optimization of a website, is E-mail marketing and the viral marketing strategies implemented and featured with advanced newsletter services with experts working it out with a comprehensive search for an e-store.

You can therefore be rest assured of getting more and accessing various applications that can add a feather to the ecommerce solutions already running for you, for your business to succeed and bring good business and ecommerce solutions to you.

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EcommerceTechwave Offers Web Hosting Ecommerce Solutions and e-Bay Store Design Integration

Ecommerce.techwave, the ecommerce solution enterprise comes up with premium web hosting technology and E-bay with its design features that will matter a lot to set up profitable e-businesses. With customized ecommerce solutions revolving around e-businesses, Ecommerce.techwave now introduces a fully customized web hosting ecommerce solutions with full system redundancy with less possibility of fatal failures, flawless network to work in, and high level of security provided making software systems less vulnerable. Multi level data redundancy to mitigate loss of information from its grass-root level leading to higher levels of security, PCI certification, CISF approved network and system monitoring and guaranteed hardware systems, all form a part of the integral web hosting ecommerce solutions at ecommerce.techwave.

Ecommerce.techwave, CEO, Andy Anand, gives us more insights on the value added services introduced, “It is getting more and more beneficial at ecommerce.techwave as e-bay integrates with ecommerce.techwave. It is the source to advantageous business, which will make businesses popular with multi-international company collaborations with leaders in IT software and ecommerce solutions. The e-bay integration comes with the design package customizing personal e-bay customer pages associating the branding of products displayed with that of the ecommerce website created or for the existing businesses collaborating with us. You will surely get into profitable e-business, customized for you at”

Ecommerce.techwave is prompt in installing software or going by the subscription made for web hosting ecommerce solutions with the specified features. With data centers, available, live updates are carried out periodically, included in the web hosting ecommerce solutions plan with email hosting ecommerce solutions, webmail, POP, & IMAP Email Access and hacker safe security and disaster management for data, e-mails, and payments ecommerce solutions at no added cost.

The e-bay now comes with design services offered, compatible to the e-bay store design with an altogether professional approach to ecommerce solutions implemented. There is more with specialty sites accessible and categories to browse with everything available at one go. The shopping cart software that is there with ecommerce solutions also integrates with e-bay to gain access to e-bay store through ecommerce.techwave e-stores and e-bay elements integrated, providing flexibility to view watching, bidding and selling items.

Website builder shopping cart, real-time dashboards and 24/7 premium hosting readily available at

Cadillac of all the free shopping cart software and ecommerce solutions hosted is a phone call away at 909-634-3900.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Customized Ecommerce Solutions- Admin Tools, SEO and More

You always wanted to sell the unique way and wanted an ecommerce solution working and running in minutes and that is not all, you will be more than happy to get, round the clock service to help you out with complex issues pertaining to any ecommerce solution dealt with and also need optimization necessary for your web store. The idea is to have a fast and secure system to sell online, a free shopping cart that can be customized accordingly looking into the growing need of a merchant selling online and one that lets you gain acclaim. Customized ecommerce solution is the key to successful business today molded to best fit the competitive web world according to individual needs and fully scalable from small to big enterprise solutions.

It is not just about creating an online store, adding products and integrating a shopping cart, most modern ecommerce solution have more to offer. From making it simple for both first time and already visited users with a shopping cart with one page checkout to increasing security and integrated ecommerce solution for IP blocking, there is every aspect that is taken into consideration for a more interactive virtual experience and shopping at ease. SSL security to management of products and keeping note of the stock with report generation and management of inventory and thinking about customer’s convenience with personalized log in and customer review panel are the ecommerce solution to explore. Ecommerce solution lets you manage products and other inline features through quality web-based administration panel.

Ecommerce solution Admin tools are provided for an all-new interactive web experience with advanced setting of the e-store managed through the backend. Ecommerce solution with admin tools has user defined product attributes, the image gallery with batch upload of product image feature for the inventory of products along with most effective vendor management i.e. to be able to add, edit and search box for vendors, export import data and easy editor option. Admin panel ecommerce solution also has its very own design feature with free templates for changing the look and feel of the store, custom text feature for every web page, WYSIWYG HTML editor, CMS control ecommerce solution, page text and page control setting.

Administrative features with customer friendly setting option comes inbuilt with store setting attributes, a shipping provider respective of the country being shipped and custom shipping option on individual preference, country wise shipping, tax processing and ‘Add multi store’ ecommerce solution. The admin area accessible online also has to offer personalized order management, customer features and reporting tools with additional advanced features to easily enable or disable store features.

Getting online exposure stands paramount for a website and any ecommerce solution chosen must provide with SEO benefits. Modern ecommerce solution software includes within it dynamically generated static web pages in HTML, fully enhanced search engine optimization with user defined Meta tags applied to the page in real time and fully optimized with product and category index.

More in this and other integrated ecommerce solution can be the beneficial way out for profitable e-business. Just go with it integrate today for loads of customized ecommerce solution.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Ecommerce Solutions with Customer Features, Marketing Benefits and Integration through Ecommerce Techwave

Not just a professional shopping cart proving itself of having a distinct brand identity and the one with unlimited number of products, template driven for easy customization and bringing up a search engine friendly e-store, it is more about what Techwave Ecommerce has to offer for its most valued customer willing to make big money online. Techwave ecommerce, the company based at California proves fulfilling with up to the minute ecommerce solutions featuring advanced marketing and customer friendly features, quality software upgrades and ecommerce solutions integrating with SAP Addressing to Business Challenges and automating business through eBay integrated ecommerce solutions.

“Techwave best suits marketing needs keeping into account the optimization of the site to attain top ranking, to be searched first and foremost for customers to try out value added marketing ecommerce solutions. With it comes, Techwave e-commerce upgrade available to provide with greater reliability on each upgrade that is done on the shopping cart offered with 15-Day free trial option, Backend support and administration, import and export procedures and more on the ecommerce solutions offered. We thereby establish legitimate business enterprises ready to work it out in competitive business environments with all possible solutions for critical ecommerce needs.” As said by Andy Anand, CEO, ecommerce.techwave

The marketing Ecommerce solutions justifies to its very need and takes note of the search engine optimization with periodic reporting, Google featured ecommerce solutions with site map generator, checkout customized to user needs, affiliate earnings, coupon management, product listed with unique display, reviewing of products added online and SEO ecommerce solutions with keyword generation meta tags defined by user, optimized category and product index, viral marketing and so on. The customer friendly features are taken care of with customer registration and single page checkout, customer account login, customer update options and more interactive ecommerce solutions available. More on the upgrades with free domain transfer and quality upgrade of technical support, training and troubleshooting service and quick book integrated ecommerce solutions.

More is offered in the advanced integrations taking place with respect to online business integrated with SAP for Business Objects BI OnDemand for intuitive exploration, reporting, and sharing. Explore more at

Customization Made Easy- Ready Ecommerce Solutions

It would be an understatement to state that ecommerce solutions offered in most modern ecommerce system have less of the features that contribute towards best e-business coming to us. Ecommerce businesses are far luckier as they get the opportunity to customize in the most advantageous manner as most of the ecommerce solutions offer it that way.

Most of the ecommerce systems today have by and large succeeded in bringing customization at the click of the button with features favoring customers. The ecommerce solutions are offered with order tracking for the customers of the storefront created almost instantly with easy setup wizards. The status of customer order can now be retrieved by the admin of the e-store in business with details of each of the shipments with email notification of any order status change that takes place. Looking onto customer order history by logging in, complete RMA module is presented as one effective ecommerce solution in hand so that all the returns, exchanges can be managed efficiently with proper inventory/accounting integration and wish list that save ample amount of time when the customer is logged in the next time he/she visits the site for virtual shopping.
What next? There is return management policy with most of the ecommerce solutions available with the customer. Ecommerce solutions are introduced for the customer and to view, edit personal details with a member area to look for the order list placed or what is under process or shipped etc. Admin users get the privilege to get complete backend module to define the store created. Ready ecommerce solutions puts forth affiliate modules with commission report for more earnings coming to the collaborator who works it out to earn big.

The latest in most modern ecommerce solutions stand out to be the custom design feature with design enhancements coming up with large pool of templates. A potential storeowner can browse through and choose a template to better modify the look and skin of the store according to the product type meeting with current design trend and SEO. Highly Customizable and Ready-to-use design templates are a revolution today that can be simply achieved at the click of the button and simple steps to follow the wizard that designs the storefront for you. Instant publishing through the design ecommerce solution saves on the valuable time with a design gallery to browse for and work on the HTML integration of own designs. Custom ecommerce solutions with respect to changing the design of the store have logo graphic setting option, preview of the design templates is available and a simplified graphic upload making things quite interactive and user friendly. Get the CMS module for you store, customized text and page control for a latest enhanced version of the e-store created.

All this and more is ready available and it is just that, you need to get the right ecommerce solution working for you. Most of the readily accessible ecommerce solutions provide with 24 hour support for quality customization with sale representatives willing to contact you within 24 hours for a customized storefront and more ecommerce solutions with custom features.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Free Shopping Cart - More Features than Imagined

It is a completely new customized ecommerce solution coming to you, letting you explore more than what was imagined earlier. An ecommerce solution, with a free shopping cart takes care of ordering woes, is customized to user requirements and no more a nightmare for beginners. Any help regarding a free shopping cart and its revolutionary feature is now attainable online at a simple registration and shopping cart integration done at considerably lower prices.

Most of the ecommerce ventures today, offer a free shopping integrated with the best in the industry that they have to offer including more benefits for the user in return of the investments made but hardly any money spent on the shopping cart as free for users. Free shopping cart comes with more features than expected and profits to you at no additional costs. Integration is no more a worry and free shopping cart is customized and integrated accordingly with the overall ecommerce system. Getting into the most worthy of all, what you will also find in it along with a free shopping cart is, order manager integration, QuickBooks Integration, XML datasets, Shipping integration with the one offering real time shipping rates and popular shippers such as UPS, USPS, FedEx and Helpdesk integration with the free shopping cart. 

Online shopping carts must have payment gateway integrations as one of their main ecommerce solutions and most of the reliable ecommerce solution providers have it right away for you to keep it secure for online shoppers with the choice of multiple payment gateways. Modern ecommerce system trusted worldwide, comes with PayPal IPN free shopping cart integration and payment methods and gateways assuring secure transactions resulting in wider potential consumer base who will find the ecommerce experience favorable. A free shopping cart with PayPal in it is offered with multi-level membership function and back-office integration and hence adding to the pool of advantageous ecommerce solutions available online.

Most modern revolutionary free shopping carts are PayPal integrated. Clients get to explore additional features like Buy it Now Button in external websites with control over the product page while enjoying web hosting with free shopping cart solutions and real time analysis and secure shopping environment with SSL technology while payment transactions take place with PayPal, iTransact, NiftyPay, Authorize.Net, eWay and many others.

Revolutionary ecommerce solution with a free shopping cart provided have the latest in the pool of services provided with multi feature categories available. Most modern free shopping carts have unique checkout feature calculating sales tax, wide range of possible shipping methods, discount calculator and both offline and online credit card processors. The security features involve, security letters on checkout page to prevent hacking, built in hack attempt logging free shopping cart feature, IP blocking feature and a free shopping cart with credit card number format validation. Last but not the least, what can be expected out of a free shopping cart is the member only feature that only registered members put into use. Most secure shopping cart available today have the member only free shopping cart wish list feature, product reviews as given in the free shopping cart, coupon support, inventory management and control and unique customer details with assured security.
Ecommerce websites therefore have more to explore with a free shopping cart with maximum guaranteed success counts with integrated feature offered for good and more features expected than imagined otherwise with benefits through the customized solutions.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

How To Make Your Online Store – A Complete Video Help

Techwave Ecommerce facilitates the one out of the many Online Ecommerce Shopping Carts now available with create online store within 15 minutes and free trial period of 15 days.

Creating your own online store is relatively easy and may take from one to several days (to actually create your online store, get acquainted with the software, and launch). Well, what does it actually take to create an online store?
Now you can integrate your own custom website design or change the existing design without much to do and get ecommerce solutions for your business fully scalable from small to big enterprise with 24/7 guaranteed support, training and troubleshooting assistance to get the best out of the free shopping cart provided.

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SugarCRM Integration with Free Shopping Cart and Multiple Payment Methods

E-businesses can now have the benefit of organizing and keeping track of people, companies and sales opportunities as launches SugarCRM that integrates with e-businesses across the globe. With it comes the free shopping cart with fast checkout for online business to succeed beyond limits with multiple payment methods, Google check out, PayPal IPN integration, unique vendor management procedures, Tax calculation System, Currency Convertor and Tax-Exempt feature and easy way for customer's to pay via PayPal and over 42 integrated payment gateways thereby enabling easy checkout.

As said by the CEO of Ecommerce Techwave, "We excel in business through the most simplified and customized version of the free shopping cart with multiple payment methods and with it now lets you organize and share customer information, measure and report across company and analyze and collaborate with customers and employees more easily by integrating business with SugarCRM system. When managing customers in spreadsheets and email becomes too difficult, Sugar simplifies how your company organizes and tracks people, companies and sales opportunities. With a single line of truth, you can be more productive and can focus on what really matters i.e. creating and retaining customers. Is your CRM system built for the Web? Is it flexible to respond to your changing business? Answers to these and many more only through our integrated CRM software with a free shopping cart suiting critical business objectives at Ecommerce Techwave."

As per valuable sources, with SugarCRM companies gain insights across marketing, sales and support so that everyone is working towards common goals. As the first CRM system offered along with the download of free shopping cart, SugarCRM unlocks information trapped in email and on desktops and ensures that every employee is on the same page. CRM is most powerful when it encompasses not only employees, but partners and customers as well. SugarCRM offers feasibility to organize and share customer information and by and large an award-winning applications offering a single system of truth for managing customer interactions across different lines of business like reporting, marketing automation, sales force automation, customer support, collaboration and platform and has a free shopping cart with multiple payment methods with PayPal IPN integration.

Create Online Store with Ebay Integration - Get it Ready in a Minute

There are ecommerce websites operational with their ‘Create Online Store’ feature to help users get into business that is more profitable with customized solutions for them to generate higher returns. It has been quite some time now that the online shopping carts are readily available for online stores and users can incorporate advantageous shopping cart software without much of the cumbersome steps to go through. They can now have a profit generating shopping cart software into existing websites with simple html code generation. However, that is not all that is worth checking out with ecommerce solution providers. Just as you were done with a functional shopping cart software that brings you orders, you realized that it is time enough to give your site an altogether new look, an all new approach to start afresh with a difference. But then you though it to be a long process, spending money on the software, hiring a professional and so on but it is no longer the way you thought it out to be. Along with the most reliable Ecommerce solutions offered today, you get to experience it virtually with the Create Online Store with other integrated features and to name one, you get to create e-stores through the Create Online Store with eBay Integration.

Ecommerce hosting sites have tested the ‘Create Online Store’ software for its efficiency with affordable ways for anyone to design, build and manage their own online store with no technical skills needed. The Create Online Store has its easy setup wizard to go for the choice of templates out of the many professionally designed templates for almost all types of products and services with skinning options available for the upcoming virtual store. The next important thing is to get it search engine friendly and have it integrated with applications that can be the icing on the cake for your store. The probable question stands here is, that why would someone want to integrate when he or she can have a personalized storefront in eBay itself? It is because with a single personalized storefront you get to target a niche eBay market and its buyers and not the buyers at large who might get interested in your product.

Getting your store integrated with eBay and its buyer protection advantage is something that is new to hear. New generation ‘Create Online Store’ feature comes with the most talked about eBay buyer protection and marketplace integrated to it with advanced setting option to enable or disable certain important aspect of an online storefront with other ecommerce solutions to deal with and meet up with a larger audience who stand as potential buyers.

The web master gets the feasibility to watch, sell and bid for products that are uniquely displayed and are categorized to stand out from other store listings with exclusive categories on almost everything with the key products highlighted in a separate category. Users can create, modify, and manage eBay Auctions and get to access the control panel of their company websites’ product catalog and list products available in stock in eBay for profitable auctions buy it integration with Create Online Store. The products can be listed along with best offers, counter offers and with the provision for reclamation of fees for any products unsold and also to retrieve current listings of eBay categories, retrieve high bid information, feedback from customers and display eBay listings on other websites. 

Users can therefore experience the power of the web with the online shopping store that looks the way desired with eBay integration.

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